First JULIETA cameras delivered

The three first JULIETA cameras have just been delivered to ENAGAS. The manufacturing of these three cameras has been successfully finished and they are available to meet the ENAGAS needs.

This achievement is the first step for the next fugitive emissions campaign launched by ENAGAS, in which the three cameras will be used in all the ENAGAS’s facilities spread throughout the Spanish gas system.

With this first step, VIRA starts a new trip in order to offer its technology and know-how to all companies in the Oil&Gas sector, both in Europe and the rest of the world.

VIRA Gas Imaging “starting-up”

VIRA Gas Imaging is the first of the projects to emerge from the ENAGAS Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme. ENAGAS has awarded first prize to an idea in which SENSIA participates. The program rewards innovative initiatives and this year the winning idea focuses on the development of a low cost technology for multidetector flame and exhaust gas detection, following SENSIA developments.

This project, promoted by two internal entrepreneurs and supported by Ingenia Business, was incorporated on 29 July 2016 under the name VIRA Gas Imaging.

This new company will develop innovative solutions for detecting gas emissions based on infra-red technology, and has several founding partners: Enagás (through Enagás Emprende SL), 2 two internal entrepreneurs belonging to the Technology and Innovation Department, and Sensia Solutions, a spin-off of the Carlos III University in Madrid.

VIRA Gas Imaging is an excellent example of collaboration in the field of innovation, founded by a large company (Enagás), a university (Carlos III in Madrid) and entrepreneurs (internal and external) in order to create ground-breaking and innovative solutions. In the case of VIRA Gas Imaging, Enagás will be not only be a founding partner and a financial partner, but also an industrial partner.